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Natural remedies have always intrigued health & nutrition expert Barbara Lynn Rempel. After a successful long-term career in IT, Barbara decided the time had come to truly follow her passion. Now, as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Professional, this dynamic author of the enlightening book, “Cleansing With Food,” has become an internationally acclaimed business leader and top-selling entrepreneur specializing in enriching your overall well-being through revitalizing the body with essential oils and smart supplements and replacing toxic skin and home products with natural options.  

Why I chose dōTERRA 

I fell in love with their Frankincense!
Before I started with dōTERRA, I was used to people commenting on how blue my lips were. One of my niece's even said "I hope I can have purple lips like yours."
Well, I knew it was a sign that my body was not delivering oxygen to every cell.
Once I started taking Frankincense and Peppermint on my tongue every morning, my lips are now a healthy pink!

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