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 You will find these recipes to be amazing, healthy and delicious!
They are fun and easy to prepare and share.
I believe that a healthy body starts with healthy foods ~ 

~ that also taste amazing!

My ultimate goal is to help people lead healthy happy lives.
Part of that can be enjoying treats that are delicious ~
~ especially when are healthier versions of traditional favourites.

** Essential oils are incorporated to add extra benefits!

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 meet the author 

Hi!  I'm Barbara Lynn Rempel.  My team and I are leading the HealthyOilz movement to make a difference in the world, one drop at a time.  We introduce you to the most tested most trusted essential oils and teach you how to use them for better health.

Essential Oils are powerful, effective tools and they are also integrated into our nutritional, personal and home care products to support a natural Wellness Lifestyle ... 
... so you feel your best ... so your family feels their best ...
... so you can achieve everything you desire ... and more!

If you want to Look and Feel Like a Million, then contact me for a complimentary Wellness Consult and spend 30 minutes to find out how I can help you.

My oils truly are essential!

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