Samples from Barbara!

Hey lovely friends and colleagues!  If you've received samples from me (Barbara Lynn Rempel), then you should see a brief description of that sample in the graphics below.

If you see samples that you would like to try OR if you have questions about something not shown, click CONTACT ME, then click "contact me" under my photo on that link and let me know how I can help you.

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You are worth the self care❣️

Deep Blue Rub

Rub lotion on muscles, back of neck, lower back or wherever you are experiencing occasional discomfort.

OnGuard® Hand Wipe

On-the-go natural cleansing & freshness.


Natural Whitening & Remineralizing
& Fluoride free

Helps ease occasional stomach discomfort, indigestion & nausea.
Breathe Drops

Support overall respiratory health.

OnGuard® Throat Drops

Support your natural immune response in a convenient, safe lozenge.

Help manage throat discomfort & irritation.

SuperMint™ Beadlets

Easy & convenient form of enjoying  SuperMint™ on the go.

OnGuard® Beadlets

An easy & convenient way to obtain the immune-supporting benefits of dōTERRA OnGuard® Protective Blend

Peppermint Beadlets

On the go invigorating freshness!

MetaPWR™ Beadlets

Easy & convenient way to curb cravings on the go.

MetaPWR™ Satiety Gum

Satisfy your sweet cravings.

MetaPWR™ Collagen+NMN

Support a healthy metabolic system.

wild orange essential oil

Uplifting! Inspires Creativity! Cleansing!

Intro Kit
There are at least 101 ways to use these 3 oils (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint).
Chocolate Classes!
  • Raw Chocolate & Essential Oils class, Friday March 8th @ 7pm Register HERE
MetaPWR® Recharge electrolytes

Drink throughout the day.


Barbara is happy to help you select the best oils and products to suit your needs.