• Hormone Disruptor Buster Report

    Want Vitality at Every Age & Stage?

    Watch how important it is to avoid Hormone Disruptors …

  • Three Solutions to Bust Disruptors:

    1) Use Limonene daily

    It’s a natural compound found in citrus essential oils that has a powerful cleansing effect on the body. dōTERRA offers CPTG® Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils, most of which are safe for internal use. Grapefruit has one of the highest levels of d-Limonene. Add to drinking water or take in a capsule.

    2) Personal Care Products

    Convert to dōTERRA skin care, spa and personal care products made with the highest quality ingredients, free of “fragrance” or “perfume” - general terms that includes thousands of toxic chemicals

    3) Green Cleaning Supplies

    Replace your toxic chemical cleaning products with natural, safe, effective and powerful options enhanced with the “most tested most trusted” essential oils from dōTERRA.

  • Are You Ready To Get Started?

    The “Nature’s Solutions Kit” gives you products to start on all 3 areas.

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